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S.A.T and S.T.E.M preparation

While college admissions’ access policies strive to frame adversity considerations, many of our youth are unable to pay for S.A.T. examination preparation. This lends to further inhibit their chances for higher education especially amongst marginalized communities. Through the foundation, the cost is lowered to receive the proper preparation needed to successfully get the score needed for college. Competence of curriculum and test taking strategies has resulted in student empowerment, and student confidence for the examination. In addition, with 4 degrees in engineering,  college planning and mentoring are available to those interested in S.T.E.M careers.

Access to capital

Meanwhile, the growth and success of small business owners are often hampered by owners’ undeveloped business acumen and/or misunderstandings regarding the important needs business owners must put in place toward growing and sustaining such an enterprise. The Foundation assists small business owners through basic growth strategies to advance and secure their business’ future. In person or online teaching workshops are provided through the Foundation in hope of  long term benefits to small business owners.

Caregiver Respite

An unfortunate daily reality for many caregivers- both working outside the home and not- is their inability to make time for their own wellness.  In some cases, they become  the only support for a family member/s who remain ever dependent on their care. These, our caregivers, too, need support. Caregivers have earned our society’s respect. Can they too benefit from our attention?  The Foundation believes caregivers inspire, and we desire merely to reciprocate.

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