S.A.T Preparation

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Middle school can be a tumultuous time for students. Many begin to view science and math as irrelevant and uninteresting. The online presentation was presented to parents as a means for exposing them early on to summer science and engineering camps, courses to take prior to college, and books to read to spark creativity and innovation.

S.A.T Preparation

The Foundation will prepare your child for the national S.A.T examination. The prep course is offered online to any individual within the  Each child receives a required class workbook, 24 hour, 7 day a week online access, 3 practice examinations and 6 weeks of online instruction from Dr. Odell Glenn. In addition, the student will have access to all of the recorded sessions and access to the online portal for 365 days.  
The low investment  for all of these incredible services is only $100.00 per student through the foundation ; a substantial savings.
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"The will to succeed is important but what's most important is the will to prepare." Bobby Knight

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